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Lou Holtz

Lou Holtz said:

Lou Holtz

“The only thing that will chage you from where you are today to where you will be five years from now are the people you meet, the dreams you dream, and the books you read.”

If this is true, and Lou Holtz is right, then you should engage in these 3 activites each day.

So ask yourself this question: What was the last book you read? How did it change your live?

Who was the last person you met? How did he or she change your life?

What is your biggest dream? What have you done today to move closer to your dream?

Our lives are so situated that we live each day at a time. With each day we can do 1 thing, we can do something, each day, to take 1 step closer to achieving our dreams.

Go ahead, take the next step now.

Christmas is coming again!

We have just one month left before the end of 2017…

Can you believe how fast this year has gone by?

Time goes by quickly.

How have you done on your goals?

What changes have you made in your life?

Have you made the effort to become better than you were when you started this journey? If so, how?

Will you take a moment right now and write in your diary or journal about the changes you’ve made in your life?

Time to do that now.

True Happiness…

“True happiness and success come from living your life in harmony with the laws that govern your being.” – Brian Tracey.

Are you happy?

Do you feel happy?

What governs happiness?

Does success equal happiness?

What are the laws that govern your being?

Does the golden rule apply here?

What about Paul’s teachings about being honest?

Have you ever considered what determines your moral compass?

What are you unwilling to stand for?

Successful People…

Successful people tend to become more successful because they are always thinking about their successes. – Brian Tracey

I don’t know if I completely agree with Brian Tracey on this one.

I suppose it depends on what you think success actually means. And then, it may also have to do with dreaming about future successes and working on accomplishing them. I don’t think that if you are focused on past successes you are very successful. You can do many great things in the past and then quit or retire. If that’s the case, then the success is over. I don’t think we can revel in what’s been done in the past. I think we have to move upward and onward.

I’m sitting on my couch right now, watching my son practice the piano. He hems and ha’as about practicing. He says he needs “help” (whatever that means)… but when it comes to just play the songs over and over again so that you are not just competent and proficient at it, but you master it —> this is where he gives up. He just refuses to do it enough to master it. He complains and he whines about practicing. It becomes clear that he doesn’t love it. Because he doesn’t love it, he’ll never master it.

Is mastery even an option if you don’t love it?

I think it is. Sure. In fact, I’m willing to bet it you practice enough, you could master anything.

Remember Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000 hours to be a master of something? I think this applies.

The trick in my mind is to keep practicing and putting in the effort, while other people refuse to do so. Maybe they don’t refuse to do so. Maybe they just won’t put in the effort required. They would rather moan and whine and complaint and go watch TV or a movie, play a video game, or do something else.

If you want to master something. If you want to be the very best it is at what you do; then you need to put in the time and effort. I think anything can be mastered. The question is really up to you. Are you will to pay the price?

Well, are you?

If not, then go back to sleep or watch tv…

The Smartest Thing…

The smartest thing that a person can do is to persistently think the thoughts that are consistent with the kind of person he or she would like to be. – Brian Tracey

Who are you?

Who do you want to be?

How often do you think about who you want to become?

Are you content in life?

Do you want to be better?

How do you want to be better?

Is there anyone, other than you, who can change you?

What thoughts should you be thinking?

How do you change your thoughts?

What is the process you should go engage in to better your thoughts?

When was the last time you memorized something?

Should you memorize quality thoughts and repeat them on a regular basis? why?

What are you going to start with first?

Jeremy Eveland

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Textbook or Workbook

Do you use a textbook or workbook to design your life?

Do you add more materials as you go through life?

Are you reactive in your life or do you have a purpose or mission you are working on?

Why or why not?

If you are reactive in your life, should you change that?

How do you change something?

Does Your Life Really Matter?

Your Life Really Does Matter.

This is why.

Take out a piece of paper.

Go now – do it.

Get a pen.

Got one?


Think about what will happen for others and the world if you achieve your goals.

Realize right now, that once you achieve your goals, everything will change.

Not only for you, but for the entire world.

If your goal is to get a million dollars. Think about how many lives you will affect when you achieve that goal.

How many homeless people can you provide shelter to?

How many hungry people can you feed?

How many naked people can you clothe?

How many people can you aid?

Consider the impact you will have on the world and for people through generations.

You have inside of you the potential to contribute and impact our world.

Is history going to remember you?

Are you going to be a footnote in history?

Are you going to be a paragraph in history?

Will there be a chapter on you in history?

Will someone write a book about you…?

Or, will many people write many books about you?

The answers to those questions are entirely up to you.

You choose.

You decide.

What are you doing with your life?

Everything is a Test

Everything is a Test

– Jay Abraham

As you create your life, Jay Abraham suggests that you approach each change you make as a test.

Why do you think that is?

If things don’t work in the “real world” the way you thing that they should, is that a problem with the “real world” or is it a problem with your approach? Can you change the “real world”?

Can you change your approach?

Which is the easier change to make?

If only 1/5th of the things you try to do will work, shouldn’t you take action quickly to find the 1 out of 5 that will work so you can “succeed”?

What is success anyway?

Have you succeeded yet?

By the way, the year is half over.

How are those 2017 goals and new years resolutions coming along?

Is there a point to all of this?

Why go through the process of change?

Are you happy where you are?

Will achieving something different make you happy (or happier)? Why or why not?

What else should you be doing that you’re not doing right now?

What action should you be taking?

What is the next step?

Do that now.