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Get in Early

Jeremy Eveland Get Up Early

Winners get there early, they work late, they work through their lunch hour, they work through their coffee breaks, they work in the evenings, they study on the weekends, they take extra courses. Winners are absolutely determined to win, and they are willing to pay the price.” – Brian Tracy

Think about that quote for a minute.

It take effort to win in life.

Even if you put forth the effort, life can still kick you down.

Even if you do everything that Brian Tracy talks about here, you still might not succeed in the financial sense. You may, but you may not. You can’t predict the future. You don’t know if your boss will fire you. You can’t control the president of the United States or Russia or any other country.

Right now there is turmoil in the world. Threats and statements made against others. It’s easy to get caught up in that. It’s also just as easy to ignore it and put your blinders on and start getting to work.

If your shift starts at 8am, why aren’t you showing up at 7am?

If you are in the accounting industry, what prevents you from taking night classes to further your education?

If you want to win and get ahead in life, you’ve got to put in the effort.

It is not easy.

If success were easy, everyone would be doing it – right?

Then there would be no point in giving it your all.

So, do your best – give it your all – become now the person you desire to be.

Best of luck to you.

Lifelong Learning

Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind and what you put into it. – Brian Tracy

Do you like to learn?

Do you enjoy learning?

Is learning fun? For you is it fun?

What makes it fun? If you don’t think learning is fun, what can you do to change that?

Are you a lifelong learner?

What is it like to learn all the time?

What are you learning today?

What knowledge do you have now that you did not have yesterday?

What book are you reading?

Why are you reading it?

How does it help you now?

What is your learning goal?

Are you better today than you were yesterday?

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Making Changes

What you learn and understand, you remember.

– Wyatt Woodsmall

How do you learn best? Do you learn best by doing something?

Do you engage all of your senses in what you are doing?

Do you see it, smell it, taste it, touch it, and feel it?

Is there a “sixth sense”?

If so, what is it? If it is there, how do you tap into it?

Is it necessary to learn something?

How do you go about understanding something?

Do you have to repeat things several times to understand them?

Is the quote above correct? If you learn and understand will you remember it?

Does this change anything in your life?

Is there something to apply here?

What is it you need to apply? How fast can you do it?

Who Do You Work For?

The biggest mistake we could ever make in our lives is to think we work for anybody but ourselves. – Brian Tracy

Do you go to work?

Are you employed by a big corporation?

Or do you work for yourself?

Might I suggest that you should always work for yourself.


Because you are in charge of you.

You should be developing yourself, your skills and your abilities.

Everything that you do should be, in some degree, to make yourself, or the world, better.


Isn’t that the aim?

Does rest and relaxation help you improve?

Does working your hardest help you improve?

What should you be doing right now? Right here?

Go – do that – now.

Snow, Lots of Snow…

snow day

I woke up this morning to snow.

Lots of snow.

I had the though cross my mind – I should go back to sleep. I don’t need to get on the treadmill and exercise. Then the though appeared in my mind – LAZY – and it occurred to me that I wanted to be anything but lazy.

So, even though it was a snow day. Even though I had the thought to get back in the warm bed and go back to sleep.

I put off that foolish notion and I got out of bed and hit the treadmill.

I’m glad I did.

Jeremy Eveland

Herbert D. Hinkle, Esq., Disability Rights Attorney, is Honored by State Council on Developmental Disabilities

Trenton, NJ (PRWEB) May 15, 2014

Herbert D. Hinkle, Esq., has been honored by the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities with the organizations highest honor, The Lifetime Achievement Advocacy Award.

Mr. Hinkle, a resident of Titusville, New Jersey, is a founding partner of Hinkle, Fingles & Prior, attorneys at law, a private firm with offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Since 1974, he has been representing the interests of people with developmental disabilities and their families.

I am deeply humbled by this honor, said Mr. Hinkle. The Council does such important work for the disability community.

The first director of New Jerseys Office of the Public Advocate, Division of Advocacy for the Developmentally Disabled, Mr. Hinkle has tried a number of precedent-setting disability-law cases affecting the legal and civil rights of people with intellectual disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy and other conditions.

He has fought tirelessly for the rights of individuals to access services, to receive equal treatment under the law, and to live in communities of their choosing, said Thomas Baffuto, Executive Director of the Arc of New Jersey.

Mr. Hinkle has served on the Board of Directors for a variety of non-profit organizations, including United Cerebral Palsy Associations, the Arc of New Jersey, Autism New Jersey, Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of New Jersey (PLAN-NJ), Easter Seals, the Alzheimers Association and NAMI NJ. He is currently serving as president of the Autism New Jersey Foundation.

He holds a JD from Rutgers University and a LL.M. in Taxation from Temple University. He is a member of the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Bar, the American Association for Justice, and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. He has been a consultant to Rutgers Universitys Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the New Jersey Commission on Bioethics. A widely published writer and lecturer, Hinkle is also an adjunct professor of law at Rutgers Law School, Camden, where he teaches trusts and estates, and estate planning.

Blogs I recomend…

There are a few blogs that I recommend.

If you are interested in divorce in Utah, I think you should look at:

Mike Anderson does at least a post a week about divorce questions that he encounters. Some are very factual and straight-forward and others are on the funny / light side.

Hope you enjoy his stories and information.

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Living in Truth

“Living in truth means that you never stay in a situation that makes you unhappy or that you feel is wrong for you for any reason.” – Brian Tracy

Living in Truth can be difficult because we as human are complex beings. We aren’t like the mythical Vulcans from Star Trek. We don’t just think logically and take the logical choice each and every time. Our emotions regularly play a role in what we do, in addition to our culture and our moral values.

To live in truth as stated here can be difficult. For example, I have a friend who must see things through. He cannot start something without finishing it. So, even though it will make him unhappy, or tired, or frustrated, he still does it.

Does that mean that my friend is not living in truth?

I’m not sure.

What do you think?

Jeremy Eveland
8833 S. Redwood Road, Suite C
West Jordan, Utah84088 United States

Telephone: (801) 676-5506
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Jeremy Eveland

SEO Specialist and Thinker.
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Hourly rates: $285 – $500

Truly Honest Person

A truly honest person realizes that there is no such thing as something for nothing. There is no easy way to be successful. – Brian Tracy

Indeed, there are no short cuts.

Even though we want a short cut, there is only one true way to succeed – hard work and alot of it.

There is no silver bullet.

Even though we want a one-shot answer – there is no silver bullet to solve the problem you have. There are many different methods that can be employed to resolve the situation, but only a few will take action.

Will you take action?

When will do you do it?

Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goldman has done research on emotional intelligence.

We can control our emotions.

There are 4 things:

1. how to know your emotions.
2. how to calibrate yourself.
3. how to calibrate other people’s emotions.
4. how to control other people’s emotions.

We think we can’t control our emotions. This simply isn’t true. We can.

We just never learn how to control our emotions.

I don’t know of any school where they teach this.

We need to learn how to control our emotions.

This can be one of the most important things we learn about in life.

This helps you have a better understanding of what is going on in the world. When you do this, you can make better decisions. You can learn to focus and accomplish what it is your want. Your mind and emotions can be used to assist you in this.