Information Overload

In the world we live in right here, right now, things change and move quickly. With change we must be able to act quickly or we are left behind.

Do things change quickly for you or slowly?

Is there an abundance of opportunity for you?

Is there too much information out there?

If you want to accomplish something, how many different ways are there?

Is opportunity everywhere?

If its everywhere, does that contribute to your information overload?

Is there a way to slim down the information so you don’t get overwhelmed and immobilized?

When I have experienced overwhelm, it has been because I try to do too much at the same time. When I take each task, one at a time, and move in sequence, I can accomplish much and I do not have overwhelm.

One step at a time.

First step first.

Second step second.

And continuing until each step is done.

Does this approach help you?

How does it help?

Why does it help?

Are you willing to suspend your unbelief and take action?

It is in the action that the rewards are received.

You will become different from the actions you take.