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This is the second episode that I’ve done in the Attributes of Christ series.

Today we are discussing being Submissive and what that means.

I’ve been thinking about doing an attributes of Jesus Christ series for some time. I’ve finally started it. Hopefully you enjoy it. The idea is to identify and discuss what the Christlike characteristics we each need to possess and obtain while in this life. Our goal should be to become like Jesus. We do it through practice. We do it by modeling His attributes. It’s not easy. I’d suggest it’s not even simple. But, with effort, you can do it.

Come Follow Me

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Attributes of Christ

This is the attributes of Christ series. We are going to go through all of the Christlike attributes that you must possess so that you can be like Him. Because, if you are not like Him, you will not be able to abide His coming.


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