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Mosiah 3:19

Mosiah 3-19

Mosiah 3:19

I’ve had this verse run through my mind for awhile now. It’s got a lot of meat in it.

I don’t try to go too in depth, but I at least wanted to talk about it.

“Become as a Child”

I hope this “thought for the day” is beneficial.

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Learn to Question Yourself

Learn to Question Yourself

Learn to Question Yourself

Are you always right?

Yeah, neither am I.

It’s possible, in fact probably, because we all err, that you, me or all of us may be wrong about something.

Perhaps, the best route of action to take is that of being kind to other since we don’t know everything and we surely don’t know everything about others – where they come from – or what they’ve gone through.

Remember to question yourself and not be afraid to realize that you could be wrong.

In fact, it may not be about being wrong or right at all –

Maybe its about being kind and nice to others.

Something to think about.

Learn to Question Yourself