Come Follow Me – Mark 16 – He is Risen

Come Follow Me - Mark 16 - Gospel Doctrine

New Testament Lesson 25 – Come Follow Me

In this lesson we cover Mark 16 in the Come Follow Me New Testament Gospel Doctrine class.

The title of this lesson is “He is Risen”

No. We don’t follow the manual verbatim. We just look at John Chapter 19.

Mark 16 – Gospel Doctrine

The goal is to try to find things that perhaps we’ve missed before.

Or perhaps you are reading this for the very first time.


This video went very long and I know that the audio wasn’t very good. I’m sorry that I had to record this over 2 days and that it wasn’t in a studio and so the video image is bad as well as the audio. Please forgive me for that and focus on the message – the message is Christ. Come unto Christ.

I hope you find this material helpful.

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Did I get something wrong?

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New Testament Gospel Doctrine

I hope you find this material helpful.


Thanks for watching.

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