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Intellectual Property Business Lawyers

We do Intellectual Property Law for our clients.

We do Copyright Registration and Licensing for our clients.

We represent computer programmers, software engineers, video game and new media developers, artists, photographers, producers, authors and bloggers, to name just a few, all create original work that can be protected by copyright.

Jeremy Eveland and Jared Pearson can assist in obtaining federal copyright registrations for your original work, and our Utah business lawyers can help structure your assignment or licensing agreements to protect your interests while generating a lump sum or stream of income from your work.

In the event that someone infringes on your copyright, or violates their licensing agreement with you, we can also pursue copyright infringement and/or breach of contract actions on your behalf.

Trademark Registration and Licensing

A company’s trademark is one of the many ways that businesses brand their products
and services with the consuming public. In today’s competitive world, you must be
vigilant in protecting what you have created from the encroachment of others trying to
trade off your success. One important way you can protect yourself is through trade-
mark registration and management. A trademark registration provides protection for
the good will and name recognition you have developed for your business.
At Eveland & Pearson, our Utah business lawyers can help you through
the process of registering your business name, logo, trademark and/or trade name,
and can make sure that any licensing agreements to franchisees, etc. are properly
structured to protect your interests

Business Law Attorneys in Utah

Transactions, Mergers & Acquisitions:

At some point, every business is involved in important transactions that are critical to the continued success of the business and/or to the owners’ ability to realize a profit on their hard work and investment. Whether that transaction is the purchase or sale of a significant asset, be it real property, personal property, or a combination of the two; or the merger with, or acquisition by or of, another company, as Utah Business Lawyers we can help ensure that it is properly negotiated and documented so as to avoid the unpleasant surprises, or even catastrophes, that can occur if you don’t have someone to make sure that everything is well taken care of.


More and more these days, bankruptcy is becoming a regular occurrence in the business and financial landscape. When a notice of bankruptcy filing is received, business owners are frequently inclined to simply curse under their breath and write off the debt in the belief that they’re never going to see any of the money that’s owed to them. While that may have been true in the past, it isn’t necessarily true today. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 made it a bit more difficult for individual debtors to file traditional “no asset” Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases – especially if the debtor makes more than the median income for his/her state of residence. If these higher-income debtors want bankruptcy relief they now must file either a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 11 case. As before, however, most businesses can only file under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 11.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, all of the debtor’s non-exempt assets are gathered up and sold by the bankruptcy trustee, and the net proceeds are distributed pro rata among the creditors. Chapter 13 cases, however, require that debtors with regular income pay all of their discretionary income over to the bankruptcy trustee for a period of at least 3, but not more than 5, years. The trustee then distributes these monies to creditors according to the terms of the debtor’s Chapter 13 Plan, which must meet certain requirements. A high-net-worth individual debtor who wants bankruptcy relief, but who doesn’t have regular income, must file a more complex and administratively expensive Chapter 11 reorganization case. Like Chapter 13, Chapter 11 requires the approval and completion of a plan for reorganization, but the requirements for a Chapter 11 plan are somewhat more flexible than in Chapter 13.

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With Jeremy Eveland and Jared Pearson. our business law attorneys in Utah understand and appreciate the fact that small businesses are the engine that drives our local and national economies. We also understand that entrepreneurs and small business owners face a myriad of legal issues in starting, acquiring, running, building and selling or otherwise transferring their businesses. Our business lawyers in Utah can assist you with everything from intellectual property protection and licensing to business entity selection and formation, from negotiating and documenting important transactions to regulatory compliance, and from business litigation to bankruptcy. Call us today to get started resolving your particular problem.

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At the Law Firm of Eveland & Pearson in Salt Lake City, Utah we provide the integrated business law and unique solutions to our clients, including individuals, businesses, financial institutions, banks, credit unions, and leasing companies. Get integrated solutions from a law firm that understands the goals of your business.

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