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Fortune Teller

We are continually acting as our own fortune-tellers by the way we talk to ourselves about how we think things will turn out in our lives. – Brian Tracy

You and I both know that we need to have good conversations with ourselves.

Sometimes we all get down.

It’s not good.

Depression doesn’t work.

Life can be hard.

We need to look at the good in life and press forward.

We need to do more than has been done in the past.

We need to be better, think smarter, work harder.

… and then we explode because it is so hard.






You got this.

You can do it.

One step at a time…

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Just do that one thing.

And when that is done, move to the next.

Don’t multi-task.

Just do the one thing.

That’s it.

You got this.

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Good Listening

“People from every walk of life can dramatically increase their effectiveness by building the trust and rapport that only comes from good listening.” – Brian Tracy

I agree with this. I’ve been asked before about listening.

I hope that people think of Jeremy Eveland or they look at Jeremy Eveland Facebook page or consider the things I have said or done that they will think I am a good listener.

But the truth is, sometimes I’m not a good listener.

Sometimes, I find myself deep in thought and not able to see the other side.

I think that this behavior is handicapping.

I think I need to be a better listener.

I don’t know anyone, myself included, who can do better at listening.

I will do better today to listen to others. Show empathy and express love towards others.

I invite you to do the same.

We call can do it.

We all have it within ourselves to listen and understand rather than to judge and express disdain, hate, or anger.

If we can listen, truly listen, not just hear the words of others, we can show them that we care.

Do you care?

Jeremy Eveland
8833 S. Redwood Road, Suite C
West Jordan, Utah
84088United States

Telephone: (801) 676-5506
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