The Corpus Christi Wrongful Death Attorneys at Grossman Law Offices Re-launch Website to Reflect Changing Legal Landscape

Corpus Christi, TX (PRWEB) June 21, 2013

Due to the changing legal landscape in Corpus Christi, the personal injury attorneys at Grossman Law Offices have re-launched their website to reflect and convey up-to-date information.

For example, Corpus Christi has become a hub for shipping and transportation, and because of this, commercial accidents are on the rise. To reflect this shift, the new website boasts topical articles about the ramifications of more commercial vehicles, like 18-wheelers, on the road.

Corpus Christi wrongful death attorney Michael Grossman commented on the updated website, Because they are somewhat uncommon, many wrongly associate a trucking accident with a car accident. In reality, they are very different entities. So with this changing landscape in the Corpus Christi-area, we wanted the public to have relevant and directed information about these types of events.

The remodeled website does not only focus on commercial accidents however. With the summer season now here, tourism also increases in Corpus Christi. The unfortunate truth of this transition is that car accidents and drunken driving accidents increase as well.

Attorney Grossman continues, Its unfortunate, but in the span of over two decades practicing in the Corpus Christi-area, weve litigated several drunken driving accidents. While we certainly take an aggressive approach towards the driver, in Texas, a bar or restaurant can also share some of the culpability as well. This can be a foreign concept to some, so we took the opportunity with this redesign to educate our visitors on all the ramifications of these accidents.

Indeed this is apparent in the Drunk Driving Accidents section of the site, with articles on the liability of other entities beyond that of the drunken driver, drunk driving laws in Texas (as developed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code), and what is legally required of licensed alcohol providers.

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