What Areas Under Business Law Do You Specifically Handle?

There are about five areas of business that I really assist clients with. One area is their collections. Many businesses, at some time or another, end up having customers who do not pay for some reason, so we assist our client in setting up collection procedures and then ultimately assist them in collections if we need to. We help them do something called “Corporate Governance,” meaning how to have the company structured correctly, how to make sure the shareholders were properly paid, or the members if it was a limited liability company.
We make sure they are having annual meetings, that stock certificates were actually issued, and we would just make sure they were running the company correctly so they could avoid any types of legal pitfalls that may pierce the corporate veil, meaning parties could come after the owner’s assets if the company was ever sued. We would do things to protect the owner’s assets and we would make sure the company was separated from the owner.
Another aspect we help our clients with is their general litigation needs, meaning we would either act as a sword or a shield. We would either shield them to protect them and defend them from lawsuits, or we would act as a sword and go after people who had damaged the company in some ways. We would also help in the HR area by helping them with non-compete agreements and general contracts, and we would assist the companies in making sure we were able to avoid lawsuits in the future, which are just some of the areas we cover for businesses.