Information on Divorce in Utah

A marital relationship must terminate through the court system.  There are various methods to finish a marital relationship either briefly or completely, such as a legal separation, an annulment, or a divorce. There are some distinctions; however, the procedure for ending a marital relationship is comparable.

Can I get an annulment as well as a divorce?

Splitting up is called different things in Utah; however, if it is to be done permanently – so you can get married again, you have to get divorced or an annulment.  If you just get a legal separation, then you continue to be lawfully wed, yet plan to live independently from each other.

Considering that you are no longer cohabiting, you might ask the court to get in an order of guardianship if you have children to outline visitation (or parent time), child support, home division, separating financial debts and repayment, and also various other issues.

Question:  In Utah, Can one attorney do a divorce for both me and also my partner?

Answer: No. There is constantly a problem  in a divorce case about who represents who — and in divorce, only one lawyer can represent one party.  He or she can’t represent both.

This post does not constitute legal advice.