The law firm of Eveland & Associates shares Common Client Mistakes Detrimental to the Favorable Resolution of a Divorce Case

Here are some of the mistakes we see people inadvertently make that hurts their ability to have a successful divorce case.
A lot of times one of the parties just wants to be nice to the other party, they feel bad – maybe they have some type of guilt or shame. And so they say, ‘oh I’m going to walk away’, ‘he can have everything’ or ‘she can have everything’. And that’s never a good thing to do. It’s always good to divide things up; to speak with an attorney before you just give up on everything. A lot of people walk away from retirement accounts or insurance policies, simply because they don’t realize they’re entitled to receive half or a portion of them. Things like that. It’s always good to meet with an attorney, or you could be walking away from substantial assets.

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