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Lawyer Mike Anderson Launches New Website

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) January 1, 2017

Mr. Michael R. Anderson Attorney in Salt Lake City Utah has announced the launch of his website Having a website is a must these days; no matter what one’s profession is. Anderson is excited for how this website will help his clients.

I do believe that they will find it more convenient to reach me with a few clicks, even if it is in the middle of the night said Mr. Anderson. Mike Anderson has an amazing record of success in helping others get justice. Now he is looking to reach out to a wider section of people through his website. His decision to have a professional website re-done was not really a choice, but one of necessity to keep up with all the searching done on the internet for an attorney or lawyer in the Salt Lake City area.

Alan Steward is an eminent attorney. His firm has combined experience in practicing law for over 25 years as attorneys in Salt Lake City Utah. They are professional, an expert in multiple niches of law including divorce, personal injury, pre-nuptial agreement, family matters, probate, business law, estate planning, etc.

Everything was settled to my satisfaction, and my divorce was final within 3 months. You won’t find a better attorney and law firm to make sure your needs are met when going through a divorce.
-Tracey, Holladay, Utah

I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney in a divorce case.
-Franklin, Salt Lake City

Michael R. Anderson has been offering his legal services in various areas that include Salt Lake City, West Valley City, West Jordan, Murray, South Salk Lake, Midvale, Alta, South Jordan, Sandy, Herriman, Holladay, Murray and more. He is very successful at helping people with their individual cases. Legal cases are often criticized for the long drawn out process; justice delayed is equivalent to justice denied. Long procedural work frustrates people and consumes their savings. Michael R. Anderson ensures that he will always try his best to settle legal matters as quickly as possible.

Says Anderson, I will go the extra length to make sure that you, the people who have relied on me to solve your legal problems will get justice within the shortest time frame; whatever complexities are involved in the proceedings. I am obliged to rise up to your expectations by serving your cause with my best possible efforts.

For superior quality, personable service and an efficient attorney in the Salt Lake area, one can visit

Winners and Losers

Winners are always looking for a way to deal with the challenges that they face, and losers are always making excuses to avoid dealing with challenges. – Brian Tracy

Are you a winner?

How do you know?

What is a winner?

If you try your best and fail, does that make you a winner?

Does putting in hard work make you a winner?

Does your attitude create a winner?

Just your attitude? Or do you need to put some devoted action or passionate practice in to make yourself a winner?

I think you’ve got to do more to be more.

You’ve got to stop finding ways to avoid the things you don’t want to do and just do them.

Life is hard. There is no doubt.

It is a lot harder when you waste your life away avoiding things that are hard.

Just get it done.

Jump in.

Go to work.

Do something.

That makes winners.

Doing something.

Taking on the challenge.

Feeling the fear, but doing it anyway, because it’s the right thing to do.

You can do it – I know you can and you know you can to.

So get at it!

Jeremy Eveland
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Ups and Downs

ups and downs in life

You will have many ups and downs in life, but what is most importantis that you remain true to yourself. The starting point of developing a high level of self-confidence is to think through and decide upon your values. – Brian Tracy

Sometimes we hate it.

The ups and downs of life.

But the truth is – we would go bat-crazy if we didn’t have some type of variety or change going on.

When we are truly stagnate in life, we fail.

We must be climbing the mountain.

We must progress.

If we go back or sit still, we fail.

So, how are you moving forward?

Have you picked yourself up yet?

Have you taken responsibility for your life and moved forward?

What are you doing with your time?

Which mountain have you chosen to climb?

If you are in school, what are you doing when you’re not in school or studying?

If you have a job, what are you doing when you clock out?

Ups and downs come to us all.

No one is exempt (even if you think they are) —

The best thing about it, is what you DO with it.

Take it and run!

Now, stop reading this blog and do something great!

All great achievement begins with just 1 step. Take the step now.


Jeremy Eveland
8833 S. Redwood Road, Suite C
West Jordan, Utah
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Telephone: (801) 676-5506
Jeremy Eveland

Blogs I recomend…

There are a few blogs that I recommend.

If you are interested in divorce in Utah, I think you should look at:

Mike Anderson does at least a post a week about divorce questions that he encounters. Some are very factual and straight-forward and others are on the funny / light side.

Hope you enjoy his stories and information.

Jeremy Eveland
8833 S. Redwood Road, Suite C
West Jordan, Utah84088 United States

Telephone: (801) 676-5506
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Attorney Michael J. Fleming Joins Wendt Goss, P.C.

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) September 26, 2012

Wendt Goss, P.C. welcomed Michael J. Fleming to the firm this month. Mr. Fleming is an experienced personal injury advocate. Like Wendt Goss, he is dedicated to helping accident victims recover financial compensation for injuries sustained because of someone elses carelessness of negligence. Before working at the firm, Mr. Fleming focused his legal efforts on helping victims of automobile, commercial trucking, premises liability electric shock, and breach of contract. Additionally, he has experienced working with bad faith claims against insurance companies and improper deductions against oil and gas producers. He has appeared in front of the Kansas and Missouri Court of Appeal.

Mr. Fleming has a reputation for effective and aggressive personal injury advocacy a reputation thats built on successful cases and a dedication to his work. In 2007, he resolved a $22,000,000 brain injury cases for a mans family after the young man came in contact with a power line and suffered a serious head injury (Willis v. Plate Clay Electric Coop, Case No. 03-CV84857, Platte County, Missouri). This case was the largest settlement resolved in Missouri that year. Mr. Fleming is a member of the Kansas and Missouri state courts, the United States District court of Kansas and Western District of Missouri. He is also a member for the Kansas Association for Justice, Kansas Bar Association, Johnson County Bar Association of Trial Attorneys, and a number of other organizations.

Mr. Fleming graduated from Creighton University received his law degree from Washburn School of Law in Topeka, Kansas. At Wendt Goss, he will continue to represent injury victims in a variety of personal injury practice areas. The firm is ready to help clients in a multitude of cases, including airplane, bicycle, boating, bus and car accidents. In the past, the firm has helped clients resolve medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, premises liability and motor vehicle accident settlements many of which involved hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements.

The attorneys at Wendt Goss as dedicated to helping clients. With a reputation for assertive and effective legal advocacy, the lawyers at the firm are well-versed in dangerous drugs, dog bit, drowning accident, workers compensation and wrongful death cases. With year of experience behind them, the lawyers at the firm can help victims of any type of injury in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. To learn more about Wendt Goss, P.C. and Mr. Fleming, visit the firms website at

The Corpus Christi Wrongful Death Attorneys at Grossman Law Offices Re-launch Website to Reflect Changing Legal Landscape

Corpus Christi, TX (PRWEB) June 21, 2013

Due to the changing legal landscape in Corpus Christi, the personal injury attorneys at Grossman Law Offices have re-launched their website to reflect and convey up-to-date information.

For example, Corpus Christi has become a hub for shipping and transportation, and because of this, commercial accidents are on the rise. To reflect this shift, the new website boasts topical articles about the ramifications of more commercial vehicles, like 18-wheelers, on the road.

Corpus Christi wrongful death attorney Michael Grossman commented on the updated website, Because they are somewhat uncommon, many wrongly associate a trucking accident with a car accident. In reality, they are very different entities. So with this changing landscape in the Corpus Christi-area, we wanted the public to have relevant and directed information about these types of events.

The remodeled website does not only focus on commercial accidents however. With the summer season now here, tourism also increases in Corpus Christi. The unfortunate truth of this transition is that car accidents and drunken driving accidents increase as well.

Attorney Grossman continues, Its unfortunate, but in the span of over two decades practicing in the Corpus Christi-area, weve litigated several drunken driving accidents. While we certainly take an aggressive approach towards the driver, in Texas, a bar or restaurant can also share some of the culpability as well. This can be a foreign concept to some, so we took the opportunity with this redesign to educate our visitors on all the ramifications of these accidents.

Indeed this is apparent in the Drunk Driving Accidents section of the site, with articles on the liability of other entities beyond that of the drunken driver, drunk driving laws in Texas (as developed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code), and what is legally required of licensed alcohol providers.

For more information on drunken driving accidents, trucking accidents, or the consequences of injuries sustained in a maritime accident, please refer to

Absolutely Convinced

If you are absolutely convinced that you were meant to be a great success in life and that there is nothing in the world that can stop you from achieving great things as long as you persist, you will become an irresistible force of nature. – Brian Tracy

Are you convinced of your abilities?

Do you believe in yourself?

What are you destined for?

Are you creating your own destiny?

What are you doing when you have free time?

Are you binge watching TV shows on netflix or are you learning a new skill, language or moving your dreams forward?

We all have the same 24 hours in the day.

The question is – what are you doing with yours?

Take a moment and convince yourself, right now, that you will be a great success here and now.

You do that.

Then, take action.

Take a step forward.

With each step forward, you will be able to take more steps forward. Each step will be easier than the prior one.

Eventually, you will reach your goal.

Keep going.

Don’t quit.

Don’t give up.

You’re on your way.

Jeremy Eveland
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Martin Luther King Day 2017

Martin Luther King Jr 2017

“The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

I love this quote from Martin Luther King Jr. The saying is true.

I know some might not agree with me, but I believe I know, in a small way, what it is like to be persecuted because of the color of one’s skin.

I am a white male. I grew up in a middle class family. Or, at least, I thought I was middle class. Looking back now, we were probably below middle class at times. My father struggled without work from time to time. Somehow we always made it through.

When I was 19 years old I served a mission for my church.

I lived in Mexico for nearly 2 years.

During that 2 year period, I learned to speak Spanish.

I came to a point where I felt that I was Mexican. I did not see myself as different than those I lived with, lived around, and spoke with.

Then there came a moment when I realized I was being treated differently.

I hailed a taxi (as was the common practice) and I was quoted a higher fare than was normal.

I knew the fare was higher because I had been paying a lower fare for the same trip for some time.

I asked why the high price. I was told because I was a rich gringo.

Now, I was somewhat taken aback by this treatment because I felt just like the taxi driver. I felt as Mexican and one can feel. I took taxis and buses, I lived among them, I spoke their language, yet, because of the color of my skin (and perhaps my white shirt and tie), I was called a rich gringo.

I told him that I was his countryman and if I removed the tie, what the price would be. He lowered it to slightly above the normal fare.

Not being the best haggler, I accepted the offer and my companion and I boarded the taxi and were off to our destination.

I know this small example pales in comparison to how some others were treated throughout many years and generations. I hope never to perpetuate discrimination. I believe Martin Luther King Jr. did a good work. I believe the man he was named after, Martin Luther the reformer, did a good work as well.

We ought to remember them and we all ought to fight for what we believe to be true and right.

We are all equal. We ought to treat each other equally because we are.

I have thought of my experience in Mexico. It reminds me to be kinder to others.

Although I know I fall short, very short, I need to keep trying.

May you enjoy the successes that come to you for fighting for what you know is right.

Jeremy Eveland
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Be Patient With Yourself

Stephen Covey once said:

“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.”

Patience is difficult.

We all want to have results right here, right now.

We need to make changes. We can all mentor ourselves and make things better. We can do more and be more than before.

There is nothing more important than working on ourselves to make ourselves better.

Pick one area and make that better.

Then, move forward and upward.

Don’t quit.

You really can do it.

Jeremy Eveland